The Wegner Health Science Information Center: The Library as a Place for Learning

The Wegner Center, as it approaches its twentieth anniversary, is recognized as a place for learning.  It is true that most of our scholarly resources are available online 24/7/365, and the library staff provide virtual research services to students, faculty and medical staff throughout the region. Nevertheless, students and other users from all the Wegner partners groups—Mt. Marty College, University of Sioux Falls, South Dakota State University, Veterans Memorial Medical Center, and the USD School of Health Sciences and Sanford School of Medicine—recognize and rely upon the Wegner Center as a place for learning.

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The chart below depicts both the steady use of the Wegner classroom and the increased use of the study rooms. Hence, the Wegner Center Board of Directors continue to invest in the technology, furnishings, and more that make the Wegner Center a great place for learning.

d Note:  Fiscal Year (FY): July 1 to June 30


In June, the Wegner Center completed its latest renovations, including upgrading the classroom to a SMART classroom and installing new carpet throughout the center. These investments, made possible through the Lyndon and Shirley King Endowment, the Karl H. Wegner Health Science Information Center Endowment, the Sanford School of Medicine, and all the Wegner partner organizations, will ensure that the Wegner Health Science Information Center is a place for learning well into the future.


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