From the Dean of Libraries

Valerie Horton and Greg Pronevitz opened their book Library Consortia: Models for Collaboration and Sustainability (2015) with the following statement, “No library stands alone. Library cooperation goes back to the 1880s and is a long-standing tenet of the profession. Collaboration is strongly rooted in most of our current activities. Even Harvard University has stated that no library is big enough or rich enough to go it alone anymore” (p. 1).

“No library stands alone.” The Wegner Health Science Information Center is a testimony to that assertion. The Wegner Center, as it embarks on 2016, is thriving because of the collaboration upon which it was founded. The center continues to build upon the services and resources that it delivers to healthcare professionals, faculty and students. Because of the partner groups’ investment, governance and engagement, the Wegner Center stands ready to deliver the health science information that you need in 2016.

In this January 2016 issue of the Wegner Health Science Information Center’s newsletter, you will find tips and ideas for searching ClinicalKey, recent additions to our book collections, and news about our continuous efforts to improve the Wegner Center.

Best wishes for 2016!

Daniel Daily

Dean of Libraries


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