Clinical Key Search Tips

Clinical Key Search Tips, by Anna Geischen

  • Type S-L-O-W-L-Y
  • Clinical key works best when the query used matches a phrase used by the system. Once you begin to type your search topic, related phrases will auto-fill. Try using one of those.

For example, “transcranial” auto-fills with: transcranial magnetic simulation, ultrasound brain scan, etc. Click on the one that best suits your needs and continue.

  • Abbreviations may work. For “transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression,” try: rtms for depression, rtms for major depressive disorder, etc.
  • Experiment with synonymous phrases.
  • Traditional searching using AND’s, OR’s and quoted phrases used PubMed or CINAHL or even Google searches are really not an option within Clinical Key.

Please contact the Wegner Center with any puzzles you encounter. A world of learning awaits you!

Find more info including how-to videos in this research guide:



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